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This is just a sample of what EC has available!

  • Categories game... A collection of categories games to be played in small groups, whole class, or individually. 

  • See sample by clicking here.

  • Trap the Thief!... A fun "detective" game to help with reading comprehension, reading and visual memory. This game has 3 sets of clue cards and "line-up" characters for small group play. Free with your yearly subscription! Lots of fun!!!

  • Multiple Meaning Words Memory Game... A great game to increase awareness of multiple meaning words. Students have picture cards (for example a picture that shows the meaning for a CAN of beans and one that shows that someone CAN do something) dealt to them. They leave these face up in front of them. The sentence strips that match the pictures are placed face down in the middle. Students must choose a sentence strip, read it out loud and decide if it matches one of the pictures in front of him. If not, replaces it in the pile. This is a quiet game because others need to listen and watch where the sentence strip is placed in case it matches one of their pictures.  This card game, which is included with a full subscription has 27 sets of pictures and and the matching sentence strips.

  • Word Race!... How fast can a group of students race to change one letter at a time to create a new word and finish the race before another group? Several of these are included in a full site subscription. ( Word Race Game Sample )

  • Spelling Race!... This is a great game to play to help students with spelling list words,  core words, or new vocabulary words. Group your students into rows or small groups. This spelling race board for the overhead will help to fill up those five and ten minute blocks of time! (No overhead? Just print off a copy of the game board and hang in by the whiteboard for a quick round before lunch.) How to play? Give a student within the group a word to spell. If he gets it right, mark an x in the box for that team. If he misses it, offer it to the next group (this group gets to "steal" the word and will not miss its regular turn in the rotation.) First team to fill in all the squares wins the spelling race! This game is available with a full site subscription. ( See Spelling Race Game Sample )  The game board is available for groups of 5 or 6.

  • Egg Hunt...I do a spring party for my students. Instead of a traditional Easter Egg hunt, I have bunches of plastic eggs filled with small prizes (candy, Oriental Trading Co. type small toys, etc.) sitting in a big box. The students may color while we play the game for our egg hunt. I have dozens of questions based on the various things we have learned throughout the year and I offer the questions one at a time to each student. The students actually draw a question out of a box. If the question is answered correctly, the student gets to choose one of the eggs. The kids love to open the eggs, hoping for something special. I do have some eggs stuffed with a coupon for a bigger prize, such as a coloring book or Matchbox car, etc. Often, parents have helped to provide the prizes. This is a fun, quiet activity that also reinforces the learned curriculum. See sample questions:  Sample Questions for Egg Hunt

        A full set of questions is offered with your paid subscription. The questions are appropriate for grades 2 to 4. 

  • States/Capitals Bingo, 3 sets available (32 cards per set)


  • 20 Questions or More game...

     This is a fun way to review learned material. Based loosely on the Jeopardy idea, grouped students will choose 5 point, 10 point, or 20 point questions in attempt to score for their team. This game is available with your paid subscription. Additional sets of questions will be available soon. Of course, you can add your own questions, too!

20 Questions or More Sample cards!

  • How Many Words??? This is a word challenge game that can be played with small groups. Great for brainstorming words!! Have students work together using dictionaries to make words that are three letters or longer from another word or phrase. Only original words that the other groups have not written down will count for scoring. Score 1 point for each word that is original. Score an extra point for any words that are six or more letters long. Just in time for the holidays...Winter Version of How Many Words   More available with your subscription order.


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