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Hundreds more Phonics worksheets, games, and ideas are available with your paid subscription, too.


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Phonics Games!

Miscellaneous Phonics Worksheets: 


Beginning Letter Sound Recognition Sample, Cut and Paste       


Ending Letter Sound Recognition                                                          


Word Wall Families         


Many cut and paste activities for beginning & ending sounds, short/long vowels, blends, and digraphs    


Rhyme ME! Comprehension Fun                

Additional worksheets are available with a subscription, including L and R blends, dipthongs, double vowels, and more. 

Hundreds of worksheets and cut/paste activities are available with a subscription.

Word/Picture Match


Word/Picture Match for au/aw      ( Sample )  Many available!


Missing Short Vowels


Missing Short vowels    Several available!


Word to Picture Phonics Practice/Short & Long Vowels


 Phonics-Word to Picture Practice  

Spelling Rules:

   Spelling Rules  for the phonetic sounds should be taught as early as possible. Even though there are exceptions to the rules, the rules do work about 60 to 70 percent of the time! Worksheets for these rules are included with your subscription order.

Phonics Daily:

   The phonetic sounds should be introduced and then reviewed on a daily basis. Phonics charts are included in your subscription and can be used on an overhead or in booklet form. 

Phonics Chart 


Individual student alphabet chart


See sample flashcards for charts by Phonics Flashcards


Alphabet Chart WALL Letter A sample chart full size 


Alphabet Half Page WALL chart half size  

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