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Teacher Helpers!


IMPORTANT!!!  If the samples do not open in your browser, try reinstalling Adobe Reader. Usually, this corrects the problem immediately. Thank you!   Get it here.


Beginning of the Year Helpers


 Welcome Postcards A variety of postcards that can be mailed, or put on the desks on the first day of school. It is always a great idea to communicate with your new students before class begins. (Welcome Postcard K)  (Welcome Postcard First) Many available with your paid subscription.


 Getting to Know You Ice-breaker, classroom community building activity. Complete lesson plan that helps to build classroom community and helps the students get to know each other better. Included with subscription service! 


All About Me First Day Book ...Use this as a fun way to get a first day writing sample. A rough draft worksheet is included in your subscription, along with a book for girls and one for boys.


DESK NAME TAGS & JOB DUTY CARDS & Bulletin Board Cut-outs: ( Desk Name Tag Sample  Job Duty Card Sample   Bulletin Board Cut-Outs Sample) There are 62 sets available with a subscription!


 Volunteer Sign-up Form for Open House  


 Parent Update & Email Sign-up Form  


LESSON PLAN BOOK PAGES: Create your own lesson plan book!  3 versions available

Discipline Helpers:


Red light, green light cards for classroom discipline  Classroom Discipline Chart RED & Green light


Behavior forms for red/double red lights  ( Classroom Behavior Form )

See picture of a red light/green light discipline chart  Classroom Discipline Chart Picture

To make this chart:  Purchase any color poster board and some small coin envelopes, available at Staples (and probably most other stores like this). Cut the coin envelopes in half and cut out a half moon from the top front of the envelope. If you cut the envelope in half, you can actually make two pockets out of just one of these, by sealing the other end closed. Using rubber cement, paste the back of the envelope and the area on the poster board to which you will glue the envelope and let dry. Then, stick the envelope to the board. See sample. I lay my envelopes across and down, before gluing to make sure the layout looks even. After this is completed, I laminate the entire board and use a one-sided razorblade to cut the opening for the discipline red/green/yellow light cards. These cards are available free by clicking on the link above. Printer should be set to duplex printing. Print off name tags for the students and stick these to the envelopes. I have used my laminated board three years in a row. Some of the cards had to be replaced however.

bulletFlat Stanley Project Helpers

     Read about the Flat Stanley Project at this link: www.flatstanley.com  This project is just awesome! My kids love participating! What they don't realize is how much their writing and reading skills have improved! As your students begin to receive Flat Stanley letters and information about other cities, states, and countries, they begin to learn more about geography, too!

bulletFlat Stanley friendly letter paper...click here
bulletFlat Stanley journal... click here
bulletFlat Stanley outline for creating a Flat Stanley...click here

     When Flat Stanleys arrive from other places, we try our best to put together great letters, pictures, and even books to send back to the students. Here is a page from one of our Flat Stanley books.  Click here!

       Library Book-Space Holder Cards

Use these cards to hold the shelf space for books chosen by students. Set of 36 cards. 



  36 book-space holding cards 

The full set of the Library Book-Space Holder cards is available with your yearly subscription.

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     More great teacher stuff!

  the Language Resource Room   Many language resources


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