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Math Games & More

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Or...try These:

Beach Ball Facts!


 Beach Ball Facts! Draw circles, squares or triangles on a beach ball and write an addition fact (or subtraction, multiplication, division) inside each. Toss the ball to a student and say a command for which problem to answer, "Right index finger!" or "Left index finger!" or "Right pinkie!" etc.  Once he answers one correctly, he tosses the ball to another student and shouts out the command for which problem to answer. The students remain standing until missing an answer. Play for a limited time of five or ten minutes, or until only one student remains standing.

I've Got It! Who Has Mine?


I've Got It! Who Has Mine? This is a fun way to practice math facts. Write the answers to (for example, multiplication) problems on a colored index card. Write the problem on a white index card. Give each student an answer card and a problem. You will also take one of each. Say, "3 x 7". The student with the answer card for that problem says, "21, I've got it! Who has mine? 9 x 4." The game continues until all problems have been solved.

Place Value Bingo

Help your students learn place value with a fun, anytime game!

Place Value Bingo Game sample


Place Value Bingo: The full game includes 3 different blackline masters for each level. There are two levels of play...including place value to the thousands and place value to the millions. Cards have pictures and place value words, just the words, or no words or pictures. Calling cards are included. Instructions are included.

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Math Fact Bingo


Math Fact Bingo  Sample Card/calling card 

This game includes 30 different cards and the calling cards for all basic math facts addition to 18 and subtraction from 18.

Telling Time Bingo


Time Bingo, hour/half hour                         

This game (which includes 15 cards and a call card) and a more advanced bingo game (time to quarter hour) are available with your paid subscription.

Geometry Bingo

What a fun way to learn the geometrical shapes!

Geometry Bingo sample


Geometry Bingo: The full game includes 35 bingo cards, the call cards, and an assessment worksheet. Instructions are included.

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As an extension to lessons on geometry, have the students create a bulletin board border for your classroom. Give each student two or three 3 x 5 pieces of black construction paper. Then, give them circles, squares, rectangles, etc. in various sizes and in various colors of construction paper. We usually do a "space" theme and the students create a picture of a robot, spaceship, alien, etc. completely made from the geometric shapes. No other writing or coloring is allowed for this geometric project. When all of their geometric art has been collected, staple them around a bulletin board as a border. They love having their art creations on display! You can even tie this into a lesson on budgeting by telling them that a border can be made from scrap construction paper rather than spending money on pre-made borders.

Multiplication Bingo


Multiplication Bingo to sixes: Full set of bingo cards and call cards for multiplication bingo up to 12 x 6.  Multiplication Bingo Sample Card


Multiplication Bingo to twelves: Full set of bingo cards and call cards for multiplication bingo through 12 x 12. 

Number Recognition Bingo


Number recognition to 100: Full set of 32 bingo cards


Number recognition, Hundreds numbers: Full set of 32 bingo cards

Multiplication Dominoes


Multiplication Dominoes: Dominoes cards for multiplication to 12s.  Multiplication Dominoes Sample Game Card

Addition Dominoes


Addition Dominoes: Dominoes cards for addition facts to 9s. 

More addition matching games and flashcards are available with your subscription!

Money Match Dominoes

Money Match Dominoes: Dominoes cards for dollar amounts to $1.00.

Division Match-it!

Match it! Division: Matching apple tree problems to the apple answers.


Money Match "Go Fish"

Money Match "Go Fish" Game: Match coinage to dollar amounts.  


Ladybug Math Race

Ladybug Math Race ... This fun, challenging math race game is available with your paid subscription. It includes a race worksheet and a set of ladybug cards with varied numbers of spots. The students are given directions to count a particular ladybug's spots, then add it to one or more others, subtract one from the other, or, depending on the students' skills... multiply or divide. The game was created to be played in groups. Once the students are familiar with the worksheet, directions can be given orally to make the game more challenging. Ladybug Math Race Game to see a sample page.

Mental Math


Mental Math:  Mental math should be done daily, starting in kindergarten to help keep students from fearing math. All students are capable of doing math in their minds, without the use of fingers or paper, if they are taught to do this from a young age. It should be a part of your regular routine, just liked daily timed tests on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Try starting with simple problems, like 2 +1 +1 - 2 + 1. (Hesitate between each part of the problem, allowing the student to get the answer to 2+1 in their mind before moving on to the next part.)  In second grade, my children were doing square roots, division, multiplication, and even a fractional part of a whole number in their minds. We use Mental Math as a five minute filler before a recess or as a cool down after recess. The kids like more complicated problems like 3 dozen minus 5 plus 2 divided by 11. 

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